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Entry Requirements for British Citizens:

1)  No Visa required.

2)  Valid Passport (for at least 3 months).

3) Tourist Card. Available for 30 days with the possibility of extension of 60 days at the Immigration Office in Panama City, before the 30 days expire.

NOTE: Your application must be submitted in Panama through a lawyer, it cannot be done through our offices.  You will be asked to authenticate the following documents through a Consulate of Panama in the London prior to submitting all your paperwork to your lawyer in Panama:

  • Certified Birth Certificate (it must be an updated version issued by the Office of Vital Records of the State you were born in)

  • Proof of Income – notarised.

  • Certified Marriage Certificate, if applicable.

  • Original Police Record Check issued by the UK Police – stamped and signed.

  • Copy of your passport (every page) – notarized.

Our Consulate in London can authenticate each document for £30.00. If the document has more than one page, there is a £2.00 fee per each additional page. Please see our consulate section for payment information and more details.

To file an application, you must do so through an immigration lawyer in Panama . The retiree residence status requires that applicant demonstrates an income or pension of only US$1,000.00 per month and US$250.00 for each dependent. You can certainly travel to Panama on a tourist visa and later change your status in Panama.

Just to make sure you have all the necessary documentation.

The complete requirements are as follows:

  • You must apply in Panama

  • You must be at least 18 years old

  • Your application must be processed by a Panamanian attorney

  • Registration Form. To obtain this form applicant must go in person to the Immigration Office in Panama City.

  • Letter from a private company or public entity stating your condition of pensioner and amount received per month in original and notarized. You must have a verifiable minimum monthly income of US$1000.00 from a government program or private corporation. This could be Social Security or another government retirement fund, such as military, state retirement, police pension, etc., or retirement from a private corporation. For your spouse or minor children, your minimum income must be increased by US$250.00 per month per dependent.

  • Proof of the amount received duly authenticated by apostille seal or Panamanian Consulate. The fee for the authentication of documents by the Panamanian Consulate in London is £30.00 per document.

  • Health certificate issued by Panamanian Doctor.

  • Certificate of Good Conduct (Police record) issued by the authorities at the place of residence during the last five years duly authenticated by the Panamanian Consulate or by Apostille.

  • If you are single, go to your local court and ask for a bachelorhood certificate. If none is available, a notary public can certify this in the presence of two witnesses. The document will have to be authenticated by the Panamanian Consulate.

  • Four photographs.

  • Photocopy of passport, all pages including cover, notarized and authenticated by Panamanian Consulate.

  • Sworn statement about personal background. This is done in Panama through a lawyer.

  • Original passport.

  • You need to physically be in Panama when the visa is issued


If married and applicant wants to include his family, should also provide:

  • Power of Attorney.

  • Marriage certificate duly authenticated by apostille seal or Panamanian Consulate.

  • Certificate of good conduct of wife and children over 18 years old during the last five years, notarized and duly authenticated.

  • Birth certificate of children duly authenticated by Panamanian Consulate.

  • Photocopy of passport.

  • 4 photographs of each dependent.

  • Health certificate issued by a Panamanian doctor.

  • Sworn statement about personal background done through a lawyer.

  • Responsibility Letter duly notarized and authenticated by Panamanian Consulate.

  • All documents issued abroad must be duly authenticated by the Panamanian Consulate or stamped with Apostilled BEFORE submitting paperwork to your attorney in Panama. .Please note that our Consulate may only authenticate documents issued from United Kingdom, birth and marriage certificates. If your documents are from another country you will need to contact the Panamanian Consulate in that country for the authentication


Considered to be among the best retirement programs in the world, the Panama "Pensionado" program offers excellent incentives such as:

  • Import tax exemption for household goods.

  • Import Tax exemption to import a new car every two years (please not that you will need to pay other taxes when importing your car. You will be exempt from the import tax only)

  • 25% discounts on utility bills.

  • 25% discount on airline tickets and 30% on other transportation.

  • 15% discount on loans made in your name.

  • 1% reduction on home mortgages for homes used for personal residence.

  • 20% discount on doctor’s bills 15% on hospital services if no insurance applies.

  • 15% off dental and eye exams.

  • 10% discount on medicines.

  • 20% discount on bills for professional and technical services.

  • 50% discount on entrance to movie theaters, cultural and sporting events.

  • 50% discount at hotels during Monday to Thursday, 30% on weekends.



Jan 1                        New Year’s Day

Jan 9                        Martyr’s Day

Feb or March          Carnivals (usually Monday and Tuesday Carnival dates)

Mar or April             Easter Holiday  (usually from Thursday until Sunday)

May 1                       Labour Day / May Day

Aug 15                     Foundation of Old Panama City

Nov 3                       Independence Day from Colombia

Nov 4                        Flag Day

Nov 5                        Colon Day

Nov 10                      Independence Shout in Villa de los Santos

Nov 28                      Independence from Spain

Dec 8                        Mother’s Day

Dec 24                      Christmas Eve

Dec 25                      Christmas Day

Dec 31                      New Year’s Eve


Public Holidays in Panama

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