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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I travel with an expired passport to Panama?

No one, regardless of their nationality, you cannot travel to Panama with an expired passport.

2. Can I travel to Panama with my expired Panamanian Passport?

NO, Unless, you hold dual nationality, you will need to apply for a Travel Document (Salvoconducto) to be able to travel directly to Panama, no stop overs.  However, you can enter the Country with your valid ID Card only.

3. Can I travel to Panama if my UK Residence Card is only valid for 3 months?

NO, If your documents are about to expire. Unfortunately, you will not be able to travel to Panama because your BRP Residence Permit will have less than 6 months remaining validity. The document would require a minimum of 6 months remaining validity at the moment of travelling to Panama.

4. Can I enter Panama from a Cruise, Boat or nearby port?

YES, We can confirm that British nationals and passport holders do not require any type of documentation other than their UK passport regardless of their method of entry into the country.   This applies if entering by car via the Costa Rican Border or at any sea port aside from airports.

5. Do I need a yellow fever vaccine?

You do not need a yellow fever vaccine to travel to Panama.  Yellow fever vaccination certificates are only required and necessary when the traveller is coming or going from Brazil or some other countries in Africa. If you are not planning to have Brazil as part of your travel itinerary, it will be fine to travel without such certification. If you do, then it will be a requirement to obtain this certification once again.

6. Can I travel to Panama with my Medication in my carry on?

As long as you have the medical prescription of the medication you are carrying with you, it should be fine.  In cases where the quantity is a lot, it is best to have the Medical Prescription apostilled or notarised before travelling but that is only in cases where the traveller is carrying many boxes of a particular medication.

7. Do I need a Health Insurance in Panama?

YES, We suggest to obtain a Travel Insurance with full Medical included offered by many companies for tourists and that way you would be covered and not leave your fate to the ongoing and pending negotiations of this tourist insurance policies.

8. How can ship a Motorcycle or a Car to Panama?

In order to ship a motorbike from the UK to Panama, you will need to contact a Panamanian Customs Broker (Corredor de Aduanas) in order to find out the actual costs of shipping that Bike into Panama.

9. How can I obtain a Certificado de Solteria from Panama?

Unfortunately, this Consular office does not request this Certificate on your behalf. Please check the following website for details.

10. How can I appoint my parents, friends or an individual to run errands in Panama on my behalf?

You can appoint parents, friends and your attorney by Proxy or Power of Attorney –  Please request an appointment for this service, send an email to

11. How can I obtain a Police Record or Police Check from Panama?

Unfortunately, Police Check Certificates are only issued locally in Panama at the Direccion Institucional Judicial (DIJ).

However, you can appoint someone by Proxy (authorisation letter) to request this Certificate on your behalf. You need the following documents:

  • Copy of the valid passport with its entry stamps to the country.

  • Note of Notarized Authorization by the citizen to request the Police Record

  • Copy of the valid migration card

  • Copy of the valid, temporary or indefinite work permit card, issued by MITRADEL in force. (if applicable)

  • Police Record Validity Period: 30 days from the date the Record is generated.

  • The Police Record issued online does not have a signature from the DIJ Commissioner, but it has the same validity as the police record that shows a signature.


If you require the Police Record with signatures, you must go to the nearest DIJ offices and request it.


All applications with sentences must be withdrawn at the DIJ headquarters. 


If you do not go to the DIJ to collect your Police Record (Police Record), you must prepare a duly notarized power of attorney, as well as enclose the copy of the ID card / passport of the interested party and the authorized person.


Please check the link below:

12. Can I drive in Panama with my UK Driving Licence?

YES, you can your driving licence is valid up to 6 months in Panama, so you can rent a Car locally.  You can use google map to be able to drive in the city and in the country side.

13. I am a Panamanian citizen and I would like to obtain/renew my cedula. Can I process my ID through the Consulate or the Embassy?

Unfortunately, this Consulate of Panama in London does not renew ID Cedulas. These cases must be processed in the offices of the Electoral Tribunal in the National Territory.  

14. How can I pay the Consulate?

Bank Transfer, please send us an email to  with your queries and we will provide our Bank Details responsibly.



15. How can I book an appointment at the Consulate of Panama in London?

To schedule an appointment, send an email to



16. How can I book an appointment at the Embassy for my Registration?

To schedule an appointment, send an email to



17. What are the regular hours for the Consulate of Panama in London?

The regular work schedule is from 9:30 a.m. at 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Please let us know if you need after hours transactions or special appointments.



18. How can I apply for a Visa from Nigeria, South Africa, Angola?

NO, Unfortunately, you will need to contact the nearest Consular office in Africa, either Egypt, Morocco or South Africa.



19. My Bank in Panama is asking for my ID to be Authenticated, How can I do this?

Please book an Appointment with the Consulate for Authentications of documents or certified copies.  Email: 



20. Could you help me? I need legal advice for Legal Investigations in Panama.

We do not offer legal advice/support neither suggest Lawyers. You will need to contact/interview a Panamanian Lawyer directly to represent you.      



21. Is there a direct telephone line I can use in case of an emergency during my trip to Panama?

In case you have an emergency during your trip, you can dial +507 297-6550. for British Citizens only.  Operators can help you in English.



22. I was born in the Panama Canal Zone; how can I apply for my Panamanian Citizenship?

As the Birth Certificate was issued by a Panama Canal Zone Authority (U.S.) and not actually by a Panamanian Authority, the first step for your Panamanian Citizenship would be to submit in person or via a lawyer as a proxy this original Birth Certificate at Panama’s Electoral Tribunal / Civil Registry, so that they can issue you a Panamanian Birth Certificate.

Once this Birth Certificate is issued, then you will be able to obtain a Panamanian Passport via this Consulate Office in the UK.



23. How can I get from Tocumen airport to Panama City?

There is a taxi rank in the departure area at the airport; it is found after passing through customs. The 30-minute taxi ride from Tocumen airport to Panama City can cost around $ 20 dollars. The official fare is $ 10.00 per person if you share the taxi with four (4) other passengers, $ 14.00 per person if you share with two (2) other passengers. You can also buy a private taxi for $ 25.00 dollars. The buses are not near the terminal and the nearest bus stop is at a considerable distance from the airport. The Tourism Authority of Panama advises not to take a bus. You can use your UBER App in Panama.



24. I would like to travel to South America from Panama. Can I do it through roads, boats or ferry?

The only way to travel from Panama to any other country in South America; including Colombia, it is with an airplane. There are no official boats or ferry services. With respect to road services, the Pan-American Highway has a long rest in the dense jungle of Darién, Panama.



25. I am a student who is investigating your country Panama, with whom can I contact to receive information about Panama?

You can contact the Cultural Attaché within our Embassy to provide brochures, maps, information or any other material available for these purposes or email:



26. Can the Consulate help me get a job in Panama?

The Embassy of Panama and its consulates cannot help people find a job in Panama. To work in Panama, you must have a valid work permit, and legal status as a resident. To obtain a work permit, you must submit a request for a change of status through a lawyer.



27. I’m moving to Panama with my family, Do I need the school transcripts to be stamped?

The procedure regarding the transcripts from schools would be for them to be notarised by a UK Notary Public and then you can send them to the Consulate of Panama to have them legalised/authenticated.  Or you can send the documents to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for the documents to be Apostilled. 



28. I’m getting Married in Panama, which documents do I need?

For Panamanians – Please check

For British Citizens Please check

Valid Passport and Certificate of no impediment (CNI).

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