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Advantages of studying in Ireland

1. Costs of education and living expenses

  • International tuition fees in Ireland are on average €9,850-22,250/year for Undergraduate studies and €9,950-35,000/year for Postgraduate studies; which is significantly less expensive than other comparable educational systems in other countries.

2. Quality of living, education and learning in one of the most innovative countries in the world

  • Ireland has a very high standard of education and teaching (e.g. Irish students are ranked 4th  in the OECD 2019 Education report according to the criteria of the standard of education).

  • Universities in Ireland are in the top 3% worldwide (QSH ranking 2020), such as UCD, Trinity College, and Galway's college. Courses consist of independent work as in the UK; leaving time for professional opportunities and social commitment to societies.

  • International students can join research programmes driving innovation and changing lives worldwide. Ireland is one of the most innovative countries (16th in the world); a very entrepreneurial country with connections around the world (list compiled by MIT Technology Review Insights and IT consultancy business Infosys Cobalt).

  • Ireland is also home to five of Forbes Top 10 companies: Apple, Google, Alphabet, Amazon and Samsung. Students can take advantage of the stay-back visa option and aspire to work for organisations such as these. IRE meets the needs of a competitive economy and allow the transfer of knowledge between universities and international companies. IRE is good for careers in Software Development and IT, Engineering, Financial Services, Food and Agriculture, Medtech and Pharma.

  • Ireland has an appealing quality of life with its many historical places to visit, picturesque countryside, and vibrant cities (easily connected to the UK or Europe). As such, Ireland is ranked 4th in the World Happiness Index for 2018.

3. Easy entry to Ireland without a visa and stay back visa option for graduates willing to start a career.

  • Panamanians do not need a visa to enter the country and do not need to meet the linguistic requirements as the Home Office requests in the UK.

  • The stay-back visa option is open to Graduate students (for one year) and Master students (up to 2 years) to start a career in Ireland.

  • The option to combine a student visa and a working visa (green card) is open to  Panamanians, allowing them to carry out a part-time job to help fund their studies (stamp 1G).

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