London Services

Consulate Of Panama in London

The Consulate of Panama in London is able to provide the following fast and efficient services:

  • Issuance and amendments to official Panamanian vessel documentation.
  • Provisional Navigation Licence and Radio Licence, extensions and renewals.
  • Registration of Preliminary Mortgage, Addendums to Mortgages and Preliminary Discharge of Mortgage.
  • Changes of Ownership.
  • Registration of Title of Ownership
  • Issuance of all official payment receipts, including those for annual tonnage taxes.
  • Legalization of all documentation being submitted to the Republic of Panama.
  • Issuance of all Crew certification.

Books provided by the Consulate:









Certificates provided by the Consulate:

  • Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Ownership and encumbrances Certificates
  • Dual registration Certificate
  • CLC Certificates
  • Bunker Certificates
  • Wreck Certificates