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Important Notice

Consular Information

As of July 21, 2009 there is in effect a new Law regarding tourist visas for entering the Republic of Panama.
Executive Decree #248 states that:

“Those who hold a valid passport for at least 3 months and a valid visa from ONE of the following countries: USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or any of the member countries of the European Union, which has been used at least one time to enter those countries, may enter the Republic of Panama by purchasing a Tourist Card, regardless of their nationality.”

*The tourist card is purchased upon arrival at the Panamanian airport and it has a cost of thirty dollars with 00/100 (USD$.30.00).
*The tourist card is valid for 30 days, renewable at the Office of Migration for an extra period of 60 days.

Download Visa Application Form

Please read the following carefully:
Requirements to obtain a visa with authorization from immigration in Panama:
1. 2 application forms.
2. 2 color photographs.
3. Bank statements (the last 6 months).
4. Letter from your responsible person in Panama or hotel reservation.
5. Pre-booking reservation or return ticket to England or  other country.
6. Copy of the principal page of passport and the passport valid for a minimum of 6 months.
7. Residence visa from U.K.
8. Copy of any other Visa
9. £ 60.00 (sixty  pounds).
Please allow around or over 40 working days for this form to be processed.
Minimum validity passport 6 months.

Citizens of following countries:

Require VISA and authorization from Immigration Authorities to enter Panama

Require Stamped VISA to enter Panama

Can enter Panama with Tourist Card

Do not require VISA to enter Panama


The applications for countries that require a stamped VISA will be processed in 1 (one) week. However applications requiring authorisation from Immigration Authorities in Panama can take up to 40 (forty) working days starting from the application date.

1. Any passenger in transit in Panama for not longer than nine hours (9 hrs) and who stays at the airport until the next flight does not need a visa.

2. We have an agreement with he cruise lines that for all passengers going to Panama on a cruise and did not stay in the City for more than nine hours (9 hrs), the immigration authority will issue a temporary entry permit.

3. Requirements to take pets to Panama:
The Health Ministry, according to decree No. 1132 of 20 August 1970, established that in the case of entry of either a canine or feline pets the following quarantine requirements apply:

      -Health Certificate of the Veterinary.
-Recent Vaccination Certificate against rabies.
-This document must be duly authenticated and legalized by the Foreign &   Commonwealth Office UK, with the Apostille:
-Confinement in the quarantine section of the  Health Ministry in Panama for a certain period. 

For further information you can contact the VISA Department.
Tel. +44 (0) 20 7409 2255 ext. 205

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